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We present to you an innovative tool for writing advertising texts using artificial intelligence GPT. This revolutionary tool allows you to quickly and easily create compelling ad texts that engage your customers and increase conversions.

You can enter physical products, virtual products or services. It also works great for getting contacts, for example in the form of webinars.

GPT is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence that learns from large amounts of text data and can generate texts with high quality and relevance. Thanks to our tool, you can create effective advertising texts without having to think endlessly about inspiration and writing proposals.

Our user-friendly interface is easy for everyone, regardless of their marketing or technology experience. Just enter your Product and the tool will generate proposals for advertising texts that you can modify according to your needs.

Don't waste time manually writing and reworking texts.

PPA - Personalization. Prediction. Automation.

If you want to expand your online store with artificial intelligence, contact Honza Bitterlich - honza@ndigital.cz